IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
25-28 May 2020 // Virtual Conference
Beyond Connectivity: What Comes After 5G



AI-enabled and Data-Driven Elastic Networks (AIDEN) 

The objective of this workshop is to bring together leaders in the field of AI-enabled network elasticity to facilitate exchange of ideas and transfer learning, hence accelerate the research innovation. We plan a half-day workshop with a schedule and format that are designed to motivate the interaction and discussions between different participants, as follows:



Title Time Description
A AI for 5G and beyond 9:00-9:45

Opening note from session chair: Professor Muhammad Imran (University of Glasgow)

Keynote Speaker: Professor Yue Chen, (QMUL, Queen Mary University of London)

Keynote Speaker: to be confirmed

B Paper Presentation 9:45-11:15 Interactive paper presentations on AI-enabled and Data-Driven Elastic Networks. Interactive posters will be presented in parallel.
  Coffee break 11:15-11:35


C The role of UAV and deep learning for Elastic Networks 11:35-12:20

Opening note from session chair: Doctor Ali Imran (University of Oklahoma)

Keynote speaker: Professor Mehdi Bennis (University of Oulu)

Keynote speaker: To be onfirmed

D Collaboration between industry and academia- A panel 12:20-13:00

Opening from Session chair: Doctor Mona Jaber

2 panellists from Industry: to be confirmed

2 panellists from academia: Professor Yue Chen and Professor Mehdi Bennis.